In July 2017, John McAfee said he would „eat his own penis“ if Bitcoin doesn’t reach $500,000 in three years. Today, BTC is hovering around $9,130 and its price must increase by more than 5,376 percent to meet McAfee’s prediction.

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John McAfee tweets he would eat his dick if Bitcoin doesn’t.™t hit $500k

John McAfee tweets that he will eat his own penis if Bitcoin doesn’t reach $500,000: John McAfee’s Twitter

Overall, Bitcoin clearly didn’t reach $500,000 in the last three years. Not only that, McAfee also seems to be backing out of its $1 million BTC prediction.

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Last year, McAfee said he’s sure Bitcoin is going to the million dollar mark. He said that the negativity in the crypto market was exaggerated, especially considering that Bitcoin was in the middle of the $10,000 mark.

But on July 19, 2020, McAfee said:

„I’m not going to change my mind. I never thought Bitcoin would reach a million dollars. It’s absurd. It’s an old, tired, worthless currency. I just wanted to eat my penis on TV. Wait for it.“

McAfee retracts from the million-dollar prediction
Since mid-2019, Bitcoin’s price has dropped from about $13,900 to $9,100. After a 34 percent drop over a 12-month period, McAfee no longer felt confident about its $1 million BTC prediction.

In July 2019, McAfee said

„Bitcoin is in the mid-ten and people are worried. LMFAO! Why do you pay attention to the weekly fluctuations? Look at the FFS for the last few months! It is increasing dramatically. I’m still confident about my BTC price of $1 million by the end of 2020. Altcoins like MTC and Apollo will increase tenfold.

Contrary to expectations, it also seems that McAfee was referring to the end of 2020 as the date of his prediction of USD 500,000 per Bitcoin.

When questioned by several cryptology enthusiasts, McAfee cited a website called The website says that McAfee „promised to eat his own penis“ if BTC does not reach $1 million by December 31, 2020.

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McAfee said it is „well documented“ that his bet was for December 31 this year, not July 2020. When asked about the bet, he reaffirmed that he would continue his bet if BTC does not reach USD 500,000.

He said:

„It’s well documented that I will eat my dick on December 31st, 2020, not July of this year. Google the bet. The „In three years“ was a reference to that date. The creator of this tweet didn’t research it. Will I eat it? You bet! Me or, maybe, a subcontractor :) „

Max Keizer sarcastically says that McAfee „made good on his bet“
Max Keizer, the host of „The Keizer Report“ and Bitcoin’s investor, sarcastically said that McAfee must now recover in the hospital after fulfilling the bet.

„John McAfee fulfilled his bet, made three years ago, to bite his penis if Bitcoin was not in the $500,000, GOOD NEWS: He is well in the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery,“ Keizer said.

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Of course, McAfee’s history shows that its predictions must be compared to a grain of salt. For example, his funny U.S. presidential campaign now seems to be inactive. Then, in May 2020, McAfee questioned his own price prediction, leaving many confused.

However, for McAfee to win the bet, BTC’s current price would have to gain at least 10,000% over the next five months.